Mona Lisas Chair Hidden Images by Octavio Ocampo

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Mona Lisa’s Chair is Octavio Ocampo’s compliment to the magnificent work of Leonardo DaVinci, Mona Lisa.
The picture consists of a chair occupied by three rabbits, one black (on the lower left) and two whites (in the lower center).
A cat sits on the chair’s upper cushions (middle center) and watches the viewer of the piece.
The chair has a mirrored back, that at first glance appears to be the face of Mona Lisa, but upon closer inspection actually consists of two women, a man, an angel, as well as a skyline.
It is interesting to imagine that because Mona Lisa’s face came from the imagination of Leonardo DaVinci, Mona Lisa’s face may hold the clues to DaVinci’s thoughts at the time he painted her.
The background in The Mona Lisa’s chair is a study of the subconscious mind as face turns into forms and nothing is really what it seems at first.