Forever Always by Octavio Ocampo

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Forever Always by Octavio Ocampo is a depiction of a life well lived or of one that will be well lived.

Those who see the older couple can note that they share the Cup of Life (center of the picture) and the crown of fidelity (above the cup). Both of these are symbols of the life they have shared together and the love that fills the cup with a golden light.

The older couple sees each other as they were when they were much younger and they courted with serenades while drinking tequila with limes (lower center).
The viewer is able to look into the older man’s mind to note that he always sees his chosen as beautiful and desirable.

Those who view the younger couple see that they are looking forward to sharing a cup full of love and happiness. This sharing becomes their crowning achievement symbolized by the ring (crown) they wear.

The young man remembers how his love came out of her house in response to his serenades.

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Ask a Question
  • How many people??


    There are five people in this artwork!  See if you can see them all!

    Thanks for asking!  Marilyn

  • How big is this print?

    Hello and thanks for your question!

    If you use the drop down menu located just to the right of the picture, you'll 
    see there are 2 sizes availabe:

    8 x 10
    18 x 24

    Just click on the size you are interested in and this will also give you the price
    for that size.

    Thanks a lot!