Ecstasy of the Lilies Hidden Images Artwork by Octavio Ocampo

Hottest Art


This is part of the "Lilies" series, "Ecstasy of the Lilies", continues our exploration of the magic and mystery that accompanies the female's transformation from girlhood to womanhood through the power, passion, and energy that is the threshold of awakening.

Depicted is a girl dressed up for her "Coming out Party", which is symbolic of her official transition from girlhood to womanhood. The viewer should note that the lilies are indoors, alluding to her eventual role as the heart and soul of the "home".
The artist keeps her innocence intact through this transition by keeping her eyes closed to the world.

The ecstasy of limitless possibility and freedom is personified by the electric effect of this artwork on the viewer.

Though tempered by the sweet innocence of the face and expression this image holds the power to captivate.