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Wildlife Art Prints An animal painter is an artist who specializes in (or is known for their skill in) the portrayal of animals.

The OED dates the first express use of the term "animal painter" to the mid-18th century: by English physician, naturalist and writer John Berkenhout (1726-1791). From the early 20th century, wildlife artist became a more usual term for contemporary animal painters.
In this Collection! 12 points 1467 Bison Trilogy 2 Babies 2 Bull Buffalos 2 Cubs 2 Females 2 Horses 2 Moose 3 Bison 3 Cubs in the Scene 3 Does 3 Male Bulls 4 Horses A Bed with a View A Cautious Drink A Family Affair A Kings Crown A Lone Hunter A Meeting of the Heavyweights A Moment in Time - Detail A Moment in Time - Full Image A Warm Winter View Above the Rest Abstract Abstract Art Abstract Artwork Abstract Canvas Wall Art Abstract colors Across the Canyon African Leopard Agile Air Crackling Alaskan Gold Alcides Orontes Alert All Colors All Ears All Male Deer All Males Almost Morning Alone Time Alpine Alphas Alpine Black Swallowtail Amazing Grays 3 Amazing Grays 3 - Full Image American Bison American Buffalo American Buffalo in the Dust American Northwest Amy Lay Artist Andy Thomas Anhinga Animal Animal Art Animal Art Images Animal Art Prints Animal Artwork Animals Another Empty Draw Antelolpe Antlers Antlers and Brothers Arabian Art Art Gallery Art Prints art work Artist artwork Artwork Custom Framed Asian Aspen Trees August Aurora Morpho Autumn Autumn Challenge Autumn Colors Autumn Vigil Babe in the Woods Triptych Baby Baby Bear Baby Bison Baby Elk Baby Raccoon Backlit Beauty Bad Water Bear Baeotus Baeotus Bald Eagle Bald Magpie Baltimore Orioles Band of Brothers Bandit Barred Owl III Barred Owlet Barred Owls Beans and Bacon Bear Bear Art Bear Attack Bear Country Bear Cub Bear Cubs Bear Family Bear Family Art Bear in Tree Bear Mom and cubs Bear on Hind Legs Bearably Cool Water Bears Beauty rest Behind a Snowbank Bellowing Below the Grand Belted Kingfisher Bird Between the Mountains Big Big Bear Big Boss Big Brown Bear Big Cat Big Dipper Big Fish Big Game Big Horn Sheep Big Tale Bird Bird Art Bird Art Images Bird Artwork Bird Lovers Birds Birds Flying Bison Black Black and White Black and White Art Black Bear Black Bears Black Longhorn Blackout Blonde Blue Blue Bird on Ice Blue Peacock Blue Skies Blue Skys Blue Spotted Bluebird Bluebird on Branch Bluejay Bluejay on Shovel Blues Bone Brothers Bonnie Belt Boss Boulders Boulders Winter Scene Bow Dacious Bradley Schmehl Branch Branch Pitcher Breakfast in Paradise Bridle and Reins Bright Band Brindle Broad Trailed Hummingbird Brown Brown Accented Butterfly Brown Art Brown Bear Brown Bear Standing Brown Bears Brown Horses Brown Patch Ceres Forester Brown Pelican Brown Pelicans Buck Buck with Horns Bucking Horse Buffalo Buffalo Art Buffalo Valley Bugle Once Bugling Bugling Elk Bull Bull Elk Bull in the Smoke Thicket Bull Moose Bulls Bunny Bunting Bird Butterfly Butterfly Art Butterfly Artwork Butterfly Globe Vase Butterfly Portrait butterflys CA Cabin Cabin in the Woods California California Quail Calling Calling to Herd Campfire Cannot Fly canvas Canvas art Canvas Prints Canvas Stretched Canvas Wall Art Cardinals Casting Line Casual Acquaintances Catch Fish Caught a Fish Cautious Hunter Ceramic Challenge of the Wind Charaxes Analava Underside Cinnamon Color Cub Clark Kelley Price Cliffside Close to Heaven Closeup Cold Cold Day Cold Morning Collector Art Colorful Colors of Rainbow Combat Coming contemporary Cool Cooling Off Cougar Country Time Courting Autumn Cowboy Cowboys Cowboys Choice Cows craftsman Crane Cranes Crimson Wind Wolf Cub Cunning Curved Horns Custom Framed Custom Framed art Custom Framed Art Print Cute Bears Cypress Branch Daisys Dallen Lambson Danger From Above Dark Orange Dark Waters Deceptive Calm Deer Deer Art Deer Couple Deer Horns Deer John Deer Pack Desert Dreamer Diane Whitehead Dirt Road Discount Discounts Doe Does Dominance of Herd Dominate Fight Looms Double Vision Drawing Ducks Dueces Wild Dust Devil Dust Rising Dust Storm Dust Swirling Dustin Van Wechel Dusty Each an Original Eagle Eagle Art Eagles Early to Rise Ed Anderson Edward Aldrich Egrets Elegant Elegant Hunter Elk Elk Art Elk Art Images Elk Call Elk Calling Elk Gray Bugle Elk Gray Bugle Ed Anderson Artist Elk Grazing Elk Herd Elk Horns Elk Ridge Elks Heaven Elusive Predator Embrace Endangered Enjoying the Water Evening Light Eye Contact Eye of the Storm Eye to Eye Fabio fairies Falcon Fall Fall Colors Farm Art Fast Fawn Fawns Feathers Female Female Cardinal Female Deer Female Elk Female Wood Duck Field of Huckleberries Fighting Finding Females Fine Art First Look Fish Fish Art Fish Artwork Fisherman Fishing Floating freely Flock Flowers Flurries Fly Fishing Flying Fog Forest forest scene Forest Setting Fox Fox Family Framed Framed Art Framed Art Prints Framed Artwork Framed Canvas Framed Collectible Artwork Framed Deer Art Framed Giclee Canvas framed prints Framed Wildlife Picture Freckles Free FREE Collectors Club Free Shipping Free Shipping and more. Free to Roam Fresh Air - Detail From the Woods Frosty Morning Full Color Full Feathers Full Horns Full Moon Full Rack Horns Full Rack of Horns Gallery Wrapped Gallery Wrapped Canvas Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print Gallery Wrapped. Giclee Canvas Wrapped Print Gallery4Collectors Gary Kim Gary Kim Artist Gather to Graze Gathered Together Gaze Geese Gentle Waters George Jones Giclee Canvas Giclee Canvas Art Print Giclee Canvas Prints Giclee Canvas Wrapped Print Giclee on Canvas - canvas Goat Family Goats Golden Golden Autumn Golden Hour Golden Times Golds Gorgeous Got Hay Granite Mountains Grassland Gray Ghost Grazing Meadow Great Blue Herons Great Egret Great Picture Great Plains Buffalo Sepia Green Green Forest Grizzly Grizzly Bear Grizzly Bear and Cub Grizzly Bear on Trail Grizzly Bear Overlooking Campground Grizzly Bears Grizzly Mountain Grove of Aspen Trees Handmade Handsome Hunter Harem Hawk Hayden Birds Triple Hayden Lambson Hayden Lambson Artist Head to Head Head to Head Battle Headed for Home Heading for the High Country Heading South Heart of Gold Her Formidable Side Her Little Man Herd Herd of Elk Herd of Females Herd Running Heron Heron Bowl Herons Hes In Charge Hes There Hi Notes Hiding Hiding in Tree High Country Wildlife High Ground Hills His Female His Territory home canvas wall art Home Decor Home D‚cor Home D�cor Honey I'm Home Horns Horse Horse Artwork Horse Gazing Horse Picture Horseback Horses Horses Art Horses Galloping Horses Grazing Horses Nearby Horses Walking Huckleberry Heaven Huge Animal Huge Horns Huge Horns Hunters Delight Huge Mountains Huge Rocks Huge Size Huge Wild Animals hummingbird Hummingbird Branch Vase Hummingbird Iris Cutout Vase Hunter Hunters Gaze Hunters Morning Hunting Hunting Season Hunting trip Ice Cicles Impression Art In Hollow of Rocks In Rut In the Middle of Things In the Mood In the Shadows of the Almighty In the Snow In the Water Indian Drawings Indigo Bunting Innocent Intent Into the Gorge Into the Wind Into the Wind Sketch Investment Art Islands of White Jack Rabbits Jack Terry Artist Jackrabbit James Brown Jaw Dropper Joel Pilcher Joel Pilcher Artist Journey to the Wintering Grounds Keeping Herd Together King Size Bed Kingfisher Kitchen Art Kitchen Artwork Kyle Sims Lake Lamb Landscape Large Bill Large Cat Large Rack Large Wild Bear Late Afternoon Laying in Grass Laying in Snow Laying Low 1 Laying Low 4 Laying Low III Lefty the Longhorn Leopard Letting All Know Lightening Storm Lily Covered Pond Limited Edition Limited Edition Prints Lion Listening lithograph Little Dogs Deer Living Room Artwork Log Cabin Lone Bison Lone Ranger Long Horn Long Horn Cattle Long Legged Longforn Longhorn Longhorn Cattle Longhorn Cow Longhorn Steer Longhorn Sunset Looking for Food Love at First Site Lush Grassland Lush Grasslands Lush Landscape Lush Pasture Made in the USA Made in USA Magnificent Colors Mailbox Male Cardinal Male Deer Male Fox Mama Bear Mane Flying Mane High Manuel Mansanarez Mark Mckenna Mark McKenna Artist Master Forager Master of Powlin Mate Mating Season Meadow of Rest Michael Swearngin Mighty Moose Misty Misty Morn - Detail Misty Morn - Full Image Mitchell Mansanarez Monarch of the Plains Monarchs of the Plains Moose Moose Art Moose Art Images Moose at First Morning Light Moose Crossing River Moose Profile More Females in the Herd Morning Morning Flight Morning Frost Morning Magic Morning Mist Morning Roundup Morrning Mist Morten E Solberg Morten Solberg Morten Solberg Artist Morton Solberg Mother Mother and Baby Mother and Cub Mother Protecting Cubs Mother Protecting Her Cubs Mountain Antelope Mountain Blue Jay Mountain Goat Mountain Goats Mountain Lion Mountain Magic Mountain Mascots Mountain Meadow Mountain Rams Mountain Sheep Mountain Vista Mountainous Background Mountains Mountains surround him Mountainside Multi-color Multi-colored Multicolor Munching Grass Murphys Law Muscles Muy Macho My Little Bella Nancy Glazier Narrow Trail Natural Habitat Nature Nature Art Nesting New Age New West No Boundaries No Sales Tax Nomad of the Ice Nontraditional North American Wildlife Northern Social nouveau office art Office Decor Old Old Gray Old Gray Horse Old Tree One on Watch One Sleeping Online Gallery Online Gallery of Art Open Grass Land Open Grassland Open Ground Open Land Open Meadow Open Plains Open Range Orange Orange Bill Orange Crest Orange Sun Ostrich Out of the Quakies Out of the Shadows Outcrop Over and Out Owl Owl Art Packhorse Packhorses in Tow paintings Paints Pair of Black Bears Paper Prints Part of Wall or Not Patriarch of Herd Peace on Earth Peaceful Scene Peak Season Peek A Boo Pelican Pelican Art Pelicans Pheasants Photo Photo artist pics pile of rocks Pintos Polar Bear Polar Bear Art Images Pond porcelain Portrait Portrait of a King Portrait of Power Portrait of Strength Portrait of Wild Animal poster Pottery Pottery Artist Power Landing Powerful Powerful Wild Animal Predator Birds Predatory Predatory Hunter Preying Heron Vase print prints Pronghorns Protecting the Young Prowling for food Quail Quick Quiet Scene Rabbit Art Raccoon Rack of Horns Rack or Horns Rack Tall Racoon Racoon Art Racoon Tree Rainbow Trout raku Ram Portrait Red Red Cardinal Red Fox Red Fox Art Prints Reds Refreshing Relaxing reproduction Restless - Detail Retrieval Richard Reynolds Rimlit Red Rivalry River Robert Dawson Robert Dawson Artist Rock Wall Drawing Rock Wall Style Rocks Rocky Mountain Meadow - Detail Rocky Mountain Meadow - Full Image Rolling Plains Rolling Thunder Rooster Rooster Left Rooster Portrait Rooster Right Royal Elk Royal Persuasion Running Through Canyon Rushing River rushing water Rutting Season Ryan Smith Sage Brush Sage Grouse Salmon Salmon Stream Scared Sculpted Secluded Meadow Secrets of the Forest Sepia Tone September Encounter Shadow Looming Shadow Painting Shadow Tales Shadow Time - Detail Shadow Time - Full Image Shotgun Side of a Hill Side of Hill Signaling His Arrival Size of Horn Rack Sizing Up Racks Sizing Up the Competition Small Rack of Horns Smoke Fired Snow Snow Country Snow Deer Art Images Snow Flurries Snow Leopard Snow on Ground Snow Plow Snow scenes Snow Storm Snowy Surroundings Social Hour Solitary Hunter Soulful Sounds Southwest Beauty Southwest Towering Rocks Spanish Spotted Spring Spring Break Spring Flowers Spring Loaded Stalking Prey Stallion Standing Watch Starlight on the Mountain Staying Warm Stealthy Approach Stealthy Hunter Stork Stormy - Detail Stormy - Full Image Stream Stream Winter Scene Streambed Strength Strutting Turkey Summer Jackman Summer Jackson Summer Jackson Artist Summer Rumble Sunday Morning Mass Sunlight on Cows Sunny Delight Sunrise Sunrise Colors Suns Warmth Sunset Sunset Moose Swallowtail Butterfly Swans Sweet Dreams Swift Swirling Dust Symbol Tall Trees Tasty Berries Tatanka Taz Tension Terry Lee Test of Wills Texas Heritage Texas Longhorn Texas Longhorns The American Buffalo The Andalusian The Arab Horse The Arab Prancer The Chase Triptych The Cinnamon Bear The Crimson Bull The Dancer The Elders The Fresco Horse The Gathering Place The Good Life The Great White The Grey Wind Fox The Guardian The Hidden Valley - Full Image The Melodramatics of September The Quarter Horse The Royals The Sisters Three The Soloist The Stallion The White Stallion Three Take the High Ground Thunder Cloud Thunder of Hooves Thunderstruck Tiger Artwork Tigers Tigers in the Snow Tigers Playing Timber Wolves Tiny bird Tom Mansanarez Traveling Band Tree Artwork Tree Limb Trees Triple Triple Prints Trout Turkey Turkey Art Twin Horses Ursus Vantage Point Various Colors vase Very Few Rivals Vibrant Colors Vickie McMillan-Hayes Vivid Colors Waiting for the Salmon Wake Up Call Wall Art Watch that Eye Watching Water Water World - Detail Water World - Full Image Watercolor Watercolor Painting Waterfall Waterfalls western Western Art Western Art Prints Western Artwork Western Nobleman Western Skies What the Cranes Told Me When the Dance Ends Where Eagles Fly whimsical White White Bird White Colors White Goat White Grey Wolf White Leopard White Rams White Tail Deer White Wolf Whiteout Wide Expanse Wild Wild Animal Wild Animals Wild at Heart Wild Bird Wild Bird Art Wild Birds Wild Bull Wild Bunch Wild Ducks Wild Elk Call Wild Horses Wild Horses Running Wild Turkey Wild Turkeys Wildlife Wildlife Art Wildlife Artist Wildlife Artwork Wiley Hunter Winter Winter Fox Winter Scene Winter Snow Winters Day Wintertime Wolf Wolf art Wolf Mate in the Background Wolf Pack Wolf Prowling Wolves Wood Framed Woodland Stream Working Horse Wyoming Yellow Yellow Head Yellow Warbler Yellowstone Face Off