Tim Cox Artist Art Prints "Giclee prints"

Tim Cox Artist
EXPERIENCE THE WEST through Tim Cox's eyes. Tim paints what he knows; vibrant cutting horses intent on holding that cow, cow ponies covered in sweat after working a hard day, ranch horses sharing a well earned drink at a glistening water trough. His cattle have authentic expressions; calves perhaps a little bewildered at a branding, bemused heifers waiting to be fed, a longhorn steer intent on leaving the country, or a herd just shuffling along as they are being driven to better pastures are frequent subjects. Ranchers, cutters, team ropers, or cowhands, all of them touch his heart. Add a striking landscape with dramatic skies; clear blue, wispy pink clouds or spectacular thunderheads and you have a Tim Cox painting.
His favorite times are being out on the ranches, absorbing every detail of what he and others are doing so that he can go back to the studio and document the modern cowboy, as he has done for 36 years.

While most of his time is consumed by painting, Tim regularly rides and works on various ranches throughout the West. He combines the basic ingredients of color, value, perspective and pleasing design with his desire to be a perfectionist in portraying the real working cowboy. This perfectionism earned Tim the "Ayudando Siempre Alli Award" from the New Mexico Cattle Growers' Association for his contributions to agriculture. Alisa Ogden, President of the Association said: "Along with lifting our spirits, Tim Cox's special images keep the magic of the cowboy alive for literally tens of thousands of city folks across the nation and around the world." Tim is a fourth generation Arizonan born in 1957 and raised in the farming and ranching community of Duncan, Arizona near the New Mexico state line. He now resides outside of Bloomfield, New Mexico, where he continues to raise a few cattle and train horses with his daughter Calla and wife Suzie.
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