Robert Dawson Artist

Robert Dawson Artist Robert Dawson's romance with the west started as a young boy growing up in Texas and has taken him to photograph some of the most beautiful and wildest places in  America.  His talent in working with natural light and composition are sought out by major clients wishing to capture a unique angle of the West that will compliment their advertising campaigns.  Dawson is a contributing photographer for Western Horseman, American Cowboy and Farm & Ranch Magazines.  Six coffee table books have been published showcasing his work.
Dawson's donations of his photographic prints have raised over $15,000.00 for Agriculture in the Classroom and in partnership with Primedia Publishing he has donated over $4,500.00 of his work to Riding for the Children, a benefit for the Linsenhoff UNICEF Foundation.  His latest books, Living Western Horsemanship, Personal Narratives by Leading Horseman of the American West, the sales of which will benefit the Future Farmers of America and The Ultimate Level of Horsemanship, Training Through Iinspiration with World Champion trainer Al Dunning can be found in book-stores and on the internet.  When not on location he spends most of his time working horses and donating his time and talent to raise money for local riding clubs at his home in Joseph, Oregon.
In this Collection! 2 Horses 2 Horses Waiting Outside 2 Puppies 4 Leather Saddles 4 Peaks 4 Running and Galloping A Hat A Moment in Time A New Day Absolutely Still Across Wide Expanse Adobe Dancer After the Storm Against Black Background Against Rich Indian Blanket All in Sync All Leather Along Fenceline Along the Teton Trail American Bison American Buffalo in the Dust American Cowgirl American Flag American West Ancient Aliens Ancient Drawings Animal Antelope Antiques Approaching Storm Arabian Arabian Horse Arabian Runner Arizona Arizona Country Arizona Morning Sepia Arm Bands Arm Guards Arms Bands Art Art Gallery Art of the West Art Print Artist artwork Asleep At Alert At First Sight At Sunrise At Sunset At the End of the Day At the Water Hole Autumn Baby Horse Bald Eagle Barely See Eye Barn Scene Barrel Before the Storm Belt Best of Friends Big Ears Big Eyes Billowing Cloud Billowing Clouds Birds Birds Flying Bison Bit Bits Black and White Black Background Black Highlights Black Stallion Blanket Blonde Mane Blue Boots Blue Skies Blue Toned Chaps Boiling Dust Boot Boots Bored Breakfast in Paradise Breaking Horses Bridle Bridles Brown Brown Background Brown Horse Brown Horses Buck Buckaroo 1 Bucking Horse Bucking the Biscuits Buckskin Horses Buffalo Bull Elk Bullets Cactus California Evening California Gear California Spurs Call of the Wild Calling for a Mate Can you seem them all canvas Canvas Wall Art Canyonlands Caps Captures Strength of Horse Capturing the Horse Spirit Carved by Nature Carved by Waterflow Changing Pastures Chaps Checking Fences Checking the Fence Chores Chuckwagon Circa 1902 Circa 1910 Classic Leather Saddle Closeup Closeup Leather Saddle Closeup of Head Closeup of Left Side Head Cloud of Dust Clouds Clouds Fine Art Cold Cold Weather Collector Art Color Color Photo Color Photograph Color Still Life Photo Color. Photo Colorful Horseblanket Colorful Rope Come out of the Shadows Contemplation Cool Water Corral Countryside Cowboy Cowboy and Horse Cowboy Crossing Stream Cowboy Gear Cowboy Leading Horse Cowboy Leading Horses Cowboy Leading Mustang Cowboy Leading Pack Horse Cowboy Learning against Wall Cowboy Life Cowboy on Horse Cowboy on Horseback Cowboy Puppy Sepia Cowboy Riding Cowboy Roping Calf Cowboy With A Rope Cowboy Working Horse Cowboys Choice Cowboys Leading Horses Cowboys Work Cowdog Cowgirl Cowgirls Cowhand Cowhands Custom Framed Dancing Dark Mane Dark Woolly Chaps Daughter Days Gone By Days Gone By 2 Deer Different Styles Different Variations Discount Discounts Dixie Sepia Doe Dog Don't Bother Me Driving Water Ducks Dust Cover Legs Dust Storm Dust Swirling Dusty Dusty Corral Dusty Days Eagle Early Morning Ears Forward Ears Up Eastward Gallop Elk Enchantment Canyon 1 Enchantment Canyon 2 Enchantment Canyon 3 End of the Day Engraved Leather Saddle Engraved Leather Spurs Enjoying the Beauty Entrenched in Sunlight Equine Art Equine prints Evening Visit Experienced Cowhand Eye Watching You Fabiano 1 Fall Fall Colors Fancy Bridles Feeling Good Sepia Tone Fine Art Flock Fluffy Clouds Foal Foals Fog Forest Forrest Free FREE Collectors Club Free Shipping Friends for Life Full Color Full Color Action Photo Full Color Photo Full Gallop Full Moon Full Moon Ride Full Moon Silhouette Gallery4Collectors Galloping Galloping Full Tilt Galloping Together Gazing Geese Giclee Canvas Give Me Some Lovin Gloves Golden Glow Gorgeous Gorgeous Landscape Artwork Gorgeous Sunset Grass Grazing Great Plains Buffalo Great Plains Buffalo Sepia Grey Ghost Groomed Hands with Gloves Hang Up Your Hat Hanging on a Fence Hard Days Work Hard Rider Hawk Head Down Headed for Home Headed for the Clouds Headed South Headed to Work Heading for the Sun Herd Herd Galloping Herd of Horses Running Herd on sides Herding Horses High Plains Drifters Hillside Hired Hand 2 Hired Hand 3 Holding Horn of Saddle Holding Rope Holding Saddle Holster Holstered Western Revolver Home Decor Home D‚cor Hooves Thundering Horse Horse Accessory Horse Artwork Horse Blanket Horse Bonding Horse Dancer Horse Dancing Horse Drinking Water from River Horse Full Gallop Horse Grazing Horse Head Down Horse in Field Horse Running Horse Shoe Chaps Horseback Horseblanket Horses Horses Art Horses Back up to Fence Hoslter How Bout a Kiss Sepia Huge Oak Tree Hunters Delight In a Row In Stall In Stirup In the Barn In the Morning Mist In the Realm of the Gods Indian Drawings Innocent Innocent Look Into the Light Into the Tetons Into the Wind Investment Art Just Babys Lake Landscape Landscape art Landscape Artwork Late for Dinner Late Summer Morning Laying on Boots Leader of the Pack Leading Home Learning Against Wall Leather Leather Chaps Leather Chaps with Conchs Leather Chaps with Horseshoes Leather Saddle Leather Spurs Legs Flying Leonardo Light and Shadow Light and Shadows Limited Edition Prints Little Miss Little Puppy Dog Living Room Artwork Lone Cowboy Lonely Days Longhorn Steer Look At Me Looking Over Cattle Looking Right at You Looking Straight You Lookout Made in the USA Majestic Male Mane Blowing Mane Flowing Mane Flying Mane Flying High Mane High Mane Swirling Manes Flying Manes Swirling Metal Spurs on Saddle Horn Middle Horse Stands Out Middle of the Pack Midnight Dancers Mist Mist of Morning Mist Over Water Misty Misty Scene Moonlight Dreamer Moonlight Kiss Moonlight Runners Morning Muley Morning Sky Morning Sunrise Mother Mother and Son Mountain Antelope Mountains Muscled Muscles Mustangs My Little Bella Narrow Canyons Natural Surroundings Naturally Carved Nature Newborn Elk Next to Boots Night Watch No One Else No Sales Tax No Separation Yet Northeast Oregon Nose to Nose Office Decor Old Calfiornia Old Macs Gear Old West Old Western Revolver Old Wooden Fence On a Hill On a Ridge On Horse On Horseback On Rock On the Lookout On the Utah Plains One Eye One Foot Up One on Alert One Rider Late One Spring Morning Online Gallery Online Gallery of Art Only Be This Small Once Open Country Open Field Open Plains Open Prairie Open Prairie to View Open Range Orange Chaps Orange Colors Orange Red Chaps Orange Sun Orange Sunset Oranges Oregon Gear Ornate Stirup Others Eating Out of the Dust Out of the West Packhorse Pair Pair of Youngsters Palomino Paper Prints Part of Wall or Not Partial View Pasture Perfect Shot Photo Photography Photography Art Photography Art Prints Photography Prints Playful Friends Pond Ponies Popular Portrait Prairie Song Pretty Girls Sepia prints Pure White Quiet Quiet Place Quiet Scene Racing Across a Stream Racing the Storm 1 Racing the Storm 2 Rack of Horns Ranch Ranch Dog Ranchers Tack Room Ranching Range Rider 3 Ready for Work Ready to Use Red Red Work Boots Reds Reins Rich Colors Rich Leather Saddle Rides Across Open Plains Ridin Fences 1 Riding Fence Rifle Rifles River River Crossing 1 River Crossing 2 - Sepia Robert Dawson Rock Canyon Rock Wall Drawing Rock Wall Style Rocky Mountains Rolling Plains Rope Rope in Hand Roped Wild Horse Ropes Roping Roping on the Ranch Roping on the Ranch 2 Roundup for Branding Rubys Good Time Rugged Rugged Range Rugged Rocks Running Running for Home 2 Running Through Canyon Rut Season Saddle Saddle Bag Saddle Next to Him Saddle Rack Saddle Row Saddled Saddled Horse Saddles Say Whate Scene Sepia Tone Sepia Tone Photo Settling the Herd Shadow Dancers Shadow Painting Shadows Past Sheraz - Sepia Sherrys Boy Shotgun Chaps Shows Strength Side Shot of Head Sideview Sierra Foothills Sierra Morning Sierra Mountains Silhouette Silhouetted Silhouettes Silver Spurs Single Horse Slow Trot together Small Mane Small Mane Yet Snow Snow Capped Snow Covered Snow Storm Snow White Snowcapped Mountains Snowy Mountain Solid White Solitary Life Solitude Spanish Spires Spirited Spurs Stallion Standing Still Standing Watch Stands on Ridge Star Spur Staying Close to One Another Still Life Still Life Color Photo Still Life Photo Still Life Photography Stirrup Stirrups Storm Clouds Storm Coming Story Teller Straw on Floor Stream Strength Sunrise Suns Rays Sunset Sunset against Mountains Sunset on the Prairie Sunshine Surveys Fences Swans Swirling Dust Table Rocks Take Your Boots Off Take Your Pick Taking a Break Tall Fancy Boots Tall Grass Tall Mountains Tall Mountains in Distance Tall Oak Tree Tall Spires Tall Trees Teaching Techniques Teddy Jacks Gear Teo on the Ranch Teton Mountains Teton National Park Texas Texas Cowboy Texas Longhorn Texas Sunset The American Buffalo The Andalusian The Arab Horse The Arab Prancer The Big Race The Buckaroo The Buckskins The Dancer The Dreamer The Eagle Cap The Elders The Family The Fresco Horse The Guardian The Herd The Lusitano Dancer The Mustangs The Quarter Horse The Reiner The Sprint for Home The Stallion The White Stallion Thick Tail Thinking Something Three Ponies Thunder Thunder Cloud Thunder of Hooves Thunder on the Prairie Thunderhead Thundering Hooves Thunderstorm Approaching Thunderstorm Coming Time to Go to Work Tired To Another Pasture Tonto National Forest Tools fo the Trade Trailing Home Training Trees Trees Behind Them Tremendous Mane Trotting Away Turquoise Boots Two Horses Up Front Look Utah Valley Visiting Gravesite Waiting for a Ride Waiting for Action Waiting for the New Boss Waiting Patiently Waiting to Go to It Wall Art Warm Day Watches Cattle Grazing Waterring Hole Wearing Chaps Well Used Boots Well Worn Chaps Were Out of Here Western Western Art Prints Western Artwork Western Revolver Westward Gallop What Is the Story Whats Up Where Eagles Fly Whip White White Background White Horse White Mane White Out White Patch White Shadow Whiteout Who Were They Whos the Boss Wide River Wild Wild Animal Wild Horses Wild Horses Running Wild Mane Wild Mustangs Wild Mustangs Running Wild Mustangs Running In the Wild Wild Open Scene Wild Scenery Wildlife Wildlife Art Wildlife Artwork Wind in Manes Work Boots Workin the Horse Working Girl Working Girls Working Horse Working Ranch Working Spurs Yellow Jersey Young Colt Young Horse Young Mustangs Younger Cowhand Zion National Park