Rob Greebon Artist Art Prints "Art work"

Rob Greebon Artist

I like to be outside, and photography lends itself to that. My friends and family mostly think I’m nuts because I like to awaken early to enjoy (and sometimes photograph) sunrise. I’m not a coffee drinker, and I think this doesn’t play to my favor sometimes. The act of crawling out of bed when the first sunlight is still hours away, climbing into the car and driving/hiking to a desired location, and then capturing it on a small digital chip is sometimes a little harder than it should be. Often this is true because my wife and I have two little girls who often do not sleep through the night.

But sometimes the effort is worth it, all things come together and the sky lights up for a fleeting moment like Beethoven’s Symphony #9 (or John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High if I’m in Colorado), and I drive home with music in my heart. (And at this point in my life, sometimes it is that jingle from Dora the Explorer. If you have kids, you know what I mean!)

I don’t get caught up in what brand of camera one uses. When I see a captivating image, apart from the technical aspects of it, I don’t care much what it was shot with. I just want to enjoy the image.

One of my favorite quotes is from the short novel, A River Runs Through It, (you have probably seen the movie) where the main character, Norman McLean, is reminiscing about his life, and says “I am haunted by waters.” I think I understand this, as I am inspired by natural beauty of this world. And I wish in my photography I can capture some of these moments in time that you can appreciate. I hope you enjoy your time here.