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Octavio Ocampo Artist

One has to look long & hard at Octavio's paintings. The longer one looks at his work, the more that is revealed. Faces come into focus at a distance and metamorphose into something else entirely in close up. Flowers become faces, mountains speak to each other, and mourners over a coffin become the face of Christ. His works are full of symbolism, endlessly fascinating, each revealing a new facet, different to each viewer.

Octavio Ocampo paints the most amazing metamorphic art in the world. It is the most original art coming out of Mexico today. If you love Salvador Dali and Mexican art, you will love Octavio Ocampo. These wonderful images are available as posters and prints in a variety of sizes. When it comes to religious art, The Calvary and Miracle of the Roses are the most unique representations of Christ and the Virgin Mary that you will ever see. Experience the magic!

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