Wild Fillies Make the Best Horses II by Liz Chappie-Zoller


SKU: LCZ552-2424-C-SN300

My Wild Fillies series is inspired by the Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch’s quote, “The wildest colts make the best horses”.

As a woman and a horsewoman, I know the inherent strength of all the strong women in my life, as well as the immeasurable value of a good mare – she won’t put up with nonsense and will always, always “have your back”.

Each artwork is bordered with designs inspired by traditional weaving patterns, providing a solid framework for each filly. The power of positivity represented by traditional symbolism reminds us that Life is a transformational journey for us all, and we hope to meet it with clear vision, wisdom, confidence, and success.


Blue: Wisdom, Confidence
Green: Endurance, Harmony, Healing
Violet: Power, Magic, Mystery
Butterflies: Transformation
Eye Circle: Clear and Improved Vision
Hail Stones: A Prayer for Hailstones to Fall on the Enemy (I prefer the idea of Karma)
Spirals: Journey

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