Wild Fillies Make the Best Horses 1 by Liz Chappie-Zoller


SKU: LCZ551-2424-C-SN300

My Wild Fillies series is inspired by the Greek historian and philosopher Plutarch’s quote, “The wildest colts make the best horses”.

I add in the graffiti I collect from the local train traffic that passes through the remote Missouri River valley where I live in Montana, because I love its raw energy, vibrant color and style, and also because it brings an unexpected layer of interest to each piece. Lastly, a layer of splattered paint embellishes each piece, honoring the random messiness of Life.


Red: Strength, Energy, Power, Success, Happiness, Beauty
Turquoise: Blue (Wisdom, Confidence) + Green (Endurance, Harmony, Healing)
Yellow: Intelligence
Butterflies: Transformation
(Red Butterflies: An Important Event)
Spirals: Journey

Graffiti: Benched (collected) from the trains passing through the remote Missouri River valley of my south-central Montana home.

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