Hayden Lambson Artist

Hayden Lambson Artist

On August 27, 1948 Hayden was born in the small town of Ramah, New Mexico. Not nearly as well known as other cities, such as New York, or Los Angeles, but it did have a lot of prairie dogs. There, untainted by museums, studios, and pretty much any kind of outside influence, Hayden's creative juices were allowed to flow like the water flowing in the river of Capistrano.

As the youngest, and only brother of two older sisters, Hayden learned early on in life to find peace and solitude out in them there hills. With so much time spent outdoors, he quickly grew to appreciate the wildlife he found all around him, and soon found himself taking many long walks in the hills with his .22 or .270. There he could enjoy nature the way the Lord intended it: with a little salt and butter, evenly roasted over the glowing embers of the campfire.

Hayden didn't enjoy only the tastier side of wildlife; he also began to express his love for it on paper--with a crayon or two. It didn't take long for his talent to be realized by others, and soon Hayden's work could to be found all around: on the kitchen refrigerator, his bedroom wall, and on many of his homework assignments.

For many years Hayden's work could be seen at shows such as FNAWS, Safari Club International, Game Coin, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, andhayden3.jpg others. He was also a charter member of the now defunct Wildlife Artists of the World, and served as chairman of the selections committee for that organization. (To this day Hayden claims his service there had nothing to do with its being defunct, but . . .) Many of his paintings have been published by Leanin' Tree Publishing Co. in their Christmas card line and the National Rifle Association uses his work for cards, prints, and target practice.

Hayden's artwork has been featured in art and outdoor magazines such as Art West, Hunters' Quest, Wildlife Art News, Idaho Wildlife, Cabela's, New Mexico Wildlife, Alaskan Outdoors, Thrifty Nickel, and others.