Gary Kim Artist Art Prints "Aspen trees"

Gary Kim Artist

Gary Kim was born in 1958 in South Korea. His outstanding artistic talent was discovered very early by his art teachers and was destined to become a fine artist. After High School, Gary attended art school and studied drawing and painting and received his bachelor degree in fine art. Gary continued his education by getting a master's Degree in an Advertising Design Program in Seoul Korea.

After graduation he became an acclaimed illustrator and art director for 17 years and taught art and design at art colleges. While working in the advertising field, he spent a lot of time sharpening his drawing skills by studying human anatomy and figurative. In 1999 Gary and his young family moved to New York.

To further his education, Gary enrolled in the Master program at the prestigious art school Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. While attending Pratt Institute, he often visited the Metropolitan Museum of art and saw a lot of the master paintings in the museum. One day he saw John Singer Sargent's master paintings and couldn't hold back his lifetime goal of being a fine artist. At the beginning of being a full-time artist, he concentrated on portrait paintings and had his first huge portrait exhibition at the Chelsea Manor Gallery in New York in 2003.

Since then, his reputation grew as portrait artist and has painted portraits of prominent corporate chairpersons and politicians including Thomas R. Suozzi, a former Nassau county executive and gubernatorial candidate from New York. In 2011, Gary along with his wife relocated from New York City to Sana Fe New Mexico.