Birds Art Prints "Giclee canvas"

Birds Birds have been a part of human culture, in the broad sense of social behavior, customs and practices including but not limited to expressive forms such as art, music and religion, for thousands of years.

In terms of economic uses, birds have been hunted for food since Palaeolithic times. They have been captured and bred as poultry for use as food since at least the time of Ancient Egypt. Some species have been used, too, to help locate or to catch food, as with cormorant fishing and the use of honey guides. Feathers have long been used for bedding, as well as for quill pens and for fletching arrows. In terms of entertainment, raptors have been used in falconry, while cagebirds have been kept for their song. Other birds have been raised for the traditional sports of cockfighting and pigeon racing. Birdwatching, too, has grown to become a major leisure activity. Birds feature in a wide variety of artforms, including in paintings, sculpture, poetry and prose, music, ballet, film, and fashion. In certain cases, such as the bird-and-flower painting of China, birds are central to an artistic genre.
In this Collection! 2 Herons Vase Abstract Art American Goldfinch Amy Lay Amy Lay Artist Anhinga Animals Anybody Home Pilated Woodpecker Vase Art art deco Art Deco Poster Art Deco Prints Art Gallery Artist Artwork asian Autumn Bald Eagle Bald Magpie Baltimore Orioles Barred Owl III Barred Owlet Barred Owls Bear Belted Kingfisher Bird Bird Bird Art Bird Art Images Bird Artwork Bird Lovers Birds Black Blue Blue Jays Blues Bonnie Belt Breakfast in Paradise Brown Brown Bear Standing Bugs Bunting Bird CA California Canadian Geese Cannot Fly Canvas Canvas Wall Art Cardinals Catch Fish Ceramic clay coastal Collector Art Colorful contemporary craftsman Cranes Crouching Pheasant Vase Custom Framed Cygnus Defending Cynthie Fisher Daniel Smith Dark Orange Discounts Ducks Each an Original Eagle Eagle Art Egrets Elk Evening Reflections Ever Watchful Fall Colors Farmland Feathers Female Female Cardinal Female Wood Duck Fine Art First Touch Flock flowers Fog Forest Framed Framed Art Framed Giclee Paper Print Free Collectors Club Free Shipping Gallery4Collectors Gallery4CollectorsC Gathering of Birds I Gathering of Birds II Giclee Giclee Canvas Giclee Canvas Prints Giclee Paper GoldFinch Great Blue Herons Great Egret Great Picture Handmade Hayden Birds Triple Hayden Lambson Hayden Lambson Artist Headed South Heron Heron Bowl Herons Home Decor Home D‚cor In Flight Indigo Bunting Investment Art James Brown Journey to the Wintering Grounds Kingfisher Landscape Large Bill Limited Edition Prints Living Room Artwork Lodge Art Long Legged Made in the USA Made in USA Male Cardinal Males Modern Nature Nesting New Age No Sales Tax Nontraditional nouveau Office Decor Online Gallery Online Gallery of Art Orange Bill Orange Crest Ostrich Over Rocks Owl Owl Art Oxana Zaika Artist Pair of Birds Paper Print Paper Prints Parrot Peacock Peacock Vase Pelican Pelican Art Pheasant Pheasants Pond porcelain Portrait Pottery Pottery Artist Preying Heron Vase Red Red Cardinal Reds Robert Dawson Sculpted Shrouded Forest Snow Swan Swans Tall Trees Teapot The Stag and the Stellers Jays Through Evergreen Trees Toucan Toucan Deco Triple Triple Prints Turkey Turkey Art Turkeys Various Colors vase Vibrant Wall Art Water waterfowl western What the Cranes Told Me White Wild Bird Wild Bird Art Wild Birds Wild Colors Wild Ducks Wild Turkey Wild Turkeys Wildlife Wildlife Art Wildlife Artwork Wintertime Woodpecker Yellow Yellow Head Yellow Warbler