The Lusitano Dancer Art Prints by Robert Dawson



This is a great picture of a white Stallion with the wind blowing through his long mane and his head turned to one side.  If you love horses this is one you'd have to have on your wall!
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Ask a Question
  • I forgot to ask, are you familiar with “glass coat”? I would ideally like it applied to this image. Thank you again.


    We don't do the glass coating, but all the canvas artwork is sprayed with a UV protectant so
    it gives it a slight sheen.

    Thanks for asking!  Marilyn

  • This doesn’t show the sizes in the window unless you add it to the cart. I am wondering what is the largest image this can be ordered. I want a huge canvas. Thank you.

    Hello and thanks for your email!

    If you use the drop down menu to the right of the picture it will give you all the sizes
    available.  The largest size we carry for this print is a 40" x 32" canvas.  It is the last
    size on the drop down menu.

    Thanks a lot!  Marilyn