Teton Bison by Terry Lee



Teton Bison by Terry Lee is a colorful representation of a herd of bison during winter in the Teton Mountains. The American Bison are some of the biggest wildlife animals you will find on the planet. There used to be millions of them before the white settlers decided their hides made great income.

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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Do you still have this print available? I’d it actually signed by artist? Is it numbered, if so, how many in print and what numbers do you have? Thanks so much!

    Hello and thanks for your question!

    Yes this print is still available and both editions are limited editions, so they are signed and numbered!
    Just pick your size.

    Thanks again!  Marilyn

  • We are very interested in the following item. We need to know if the image is framed or if its just the Photo? How much is it to ship to Wyoming? SKU: TLE008GISNU3884

    Hello and thanks for your question!  This giclee canvas print in either edition would be shipped in a tube, so it would need to
    be stretched and then have a frame put around it.  Due to shipment problems in the past, we have found this to be the safest way
    to ship a print this size.  Also shipping can be free if you join our Free Collectors Club.  I hope you buy one, it's a gorgeous print!
    Thanks, Marilyn

  • How large is this and does it come in different sizes.

    Hello!  The largest size the Teton Bison comes in is 84" wide by 38" tall.  You can use the drop down menu on
    this page to see both sizes.  Thanks, Marilyn