Stonewall by Bradley Schmehl



Stonewall by Bradley Schmehl ~ "Stonewall" Thomas Jonathan Jackson 1824 - 1863 General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson is portrayed here in his plain gray uniform and butternut kepi, as he appeared during 1862. In the eyes of those people to whom his reputation preceded his appearance, he never failed to disappoint: one Yank whose unit had surrendered to Jackson's forces at Harpers Ferry stated that Jackson was " in no respect to be distinguished from the mongrel barefooted crew that followed his fortunes." No other Civil War figure garnered such military fame as Stonewall, either among friend or foe. During his career his reputation spread across America and over the seas, and many of his day believed that had he survived, the Confederate quest for independence may well have been realized. His devotion to God, duty and country are a legacy that has and will continue to be treasured by many Americans.