Skull Cove by Phillip Philbeck



A friend and I decided to take a trip to Hilton Head and Charleston, S.C. It was just before July 4, the weather was that typical sweet Carolina summer, lots of happy vacationers and gas was still relatively cheap. Many associate Hilton Head with high-end developments and houses, but there are still many natural scenic sites there. The best way to find them is to ask the local folk, and it seemed Skull Cove was mentioned more than once. After taking many wrong turns and 45 minutes longer to get there than it should've, we found it. This area is a beautiful marshy one. I'm just guessing, but it seems the name may have come from from the many old fishing boats that were dragged there to just sit or rot (like skulls and bones) and become a fish hangout. I remember hopping off the pier into the marsh grass and hearing the clickety click of the small crabs scurrying about because I disturbed their afternoon siesta.
During the course of working on the painting, I decided that someone fishing would be a nice addition. Being that it was around 10:00A.M.(everyone at work), and I couldn't think of any old salt to call and model, I decided that I would be just as good as anybody. So that's just what I did. There I am in overalls and hip-waders. I'm wearing a red shirt to add a splash of color. This print is from an edition size of only 295 in this series.