Poker Chip Art Prints by Gregory Gorham


SKU: 111392

This piece of artwork would make a great addition to your fun room in your home! Right next to the pool table or in a den! If you love Poker, this print is a must have.
A native of Northern Michigan, Gregory showed artistic talent at the early age of three and has been involved in drawing, painting, watercolors and sculpture ever since. He received a B.A. in Industrial Design/Graphic Arts with honors from the University of Michigan. He became an illustrator and designer for the Ford Motor Company before leaving to do freelance work--from creative designs for greeting cards and other manufactured products, to prints spanning multiple genres. Gregory's current artwork is reflective of a delight in culinary pleasures, be it an indulgent dessert or wholesome fresh baked bread. He currently makes his home in the Pacific Northwest. The print will come without the watermark across the face, this is for online publishing copyrights only.