Speedbound Red Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Custom Framed Art Print


SKU: 36812

Speedbound Red shows the imagination of the artist put too long gone very famous and infamous movie stars together on a motorcycle headed for who knows where!

The Artist has been working on high-quality reproductions of original pencil drawings from “Hollywood Dreams” series. The scenes have been imagined by him and are set between 1989 and 1995. He believes that his work can inspire upcoming artists to try to emulate his work and those of other renowned artists and also to take pride in their talent. Gassenheimer creates his artwork from observation.

He plays with color to balance each composition and add to it some beauty and warmth. His goal is to portray a sense of strength, beauty, and balance through his posters, prints and art. Paul Gassenheimer is an Australia-based artist who has been in this field for so many years. His love of art began when he was still a young boy. He loved to sketch and draw and could use any material he could lay his hands on. Starting artwork at such a young age provided him with the means to continually refine his technique. It also provided him with the opportunity to learn a lot from other renowned artists. He was hard working and as years went by, he became a professional artist. This love of art developed to a full career and he is now an artist of repute. Gassenheimer uses pencil, acrylic, pastel, and watercolors. The print will come without the watermark across the face, this is for online publishing copyrights only.