Old West Frontier Antique Grey Finish Replica Revolver Non-Firing Gun - Boxed

Collectors Armoury

SKU: 22-1106G-1

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This non-firing replica old west pistol has a 5.5" barrel and antique grey finish. Fires caps! Open the loading gate, cock the hammer, spin the cylinder, pull the trigger and let the hammer fall...just like in the old days.  Length: 5.5"

Denix Cap Gun Features

  • Perfect for re-enactors or as a stage prop
  • High-end Super Quality Cap Gun
  • Includes 6 Cap Shells
  • Fires 6 pull off caps (Not included)
  • Museum Quality Historical Reproduction
  • Cannot fire and cannot be altered to fire live rounds
  • Authentic size and weight of actual gun


  • Barrel Length: 5 1/2"
  • Weight: 1.15lbs

Cannot Ship To:  NJ, NYC, RI, Canada or Overseas