Old West 1873 Frontier Barrel Dual Tone Finish Replica Revolver Non-Firing Gun

Collectors Armoury

SKU: 22-1108L

This classic Fast Draw 1873 Old West Revolver has a 5.5" barrel and a realistic trigger, cylinder, and hammer action that works just like our other popular western models. This is a classic staple in the world of Old West replicas. 5.5" Frontier Barrel, Dual-Tone Finish
Slim. Ivory Grips with Eagle. Fires caps! Cock it, spin it, and pull it - just like in the old days!

THIS IS NOT A TOY! The carrying, handling, or brandishing in public of any item that resembles a real weapon may be in violation of the law, may create undue apprehension on the part of law enforcement officers or other persons, and could result in INJURY to the person handling the blank gun.