Murphys Law by Clark Kelley Price


SKU: CP074

A cowboy with two pack horses heading up a mountain on a small dirt path, when a huge grizzly bear stands straight up almost like saying, yeah just try and get past me!  If you look closely, there's also another bear popping his head up from behind the hill.  Of course the horses are going bonkers.  

Custom Framed - Solid wood frame using all archival materials. This artwork is shipped fully insured and will be ready to hang on your wall. Allow 2 business weeks to shipment. (Note - The Rocky Mountain Publishing, Inc. white lettering is for website copyright images only - will not appear on framed piece.)

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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • Hello I visited your store on Saturday and I seen a picture that I would dearly love to purchase My question is, do you or will you ship to Canada?

    Hello and thanks for your question!  Unfortunately the framed pieces being shipped to Canada are way too expensive.  The last quote I received for shipping costs were over $ 150 due to the fact these are crated and there is more risk for damage.  I'm sorry about this.
    I can possibly order just the print by itself and ship it up to Canada, it just would be framed.  Thanks for asking, Marilyn