March Yavapai Point by Robert Peters



Arizona artist Robert Peters painted this piece standing on the south rim at the Yavapai Point From there one of the most prominent geologic features of the canyon is the triangular summit of the Zoroaster Temple which is shown glowing in the warm sunThe Grand Canyon is particularly dramatic in late winter and early spring when snow coveres the rim of the canyon setting the lower canyon ablaze with color A foot or more of snow can fall over night and the next morning low clouds may mask the interior of the canyon from view But suddenly a shaft of sunlight finds its way through and the area it hits is suddenly fiery - alive with color and light Professional photographers may wait hours in the freezing temperatures for just the right shot Meanwhile those on the canyon floor are suffering temperatures in the 90s In many ways the Canyon is full of extremes and dichotomies Is there any spot on earth as dramatic or thrilling This print is from an edition size of only 195 in this series