Last Flight of the Hanoi Taxi Art Prints by K Price Randel


SKU: KPR_HanoiTaxi20x12c

On May 6, 2006 the C-141 nicknamed the "Hanoi Taxi" made its last flight over the USAF National Museum in Dayton, Ohio. The first aircraft to fly American POWs out of Hanoi in 1973, the "Taxi" was ceremoniously retired, representing the entire fleet. both the "Taxi" and the original official painting (reproduction featured here) are on permanent display at the museum.
Hanoi Taxi is a LockheedC-141Starlifter strategicairlift aircraft (serial number 66-0177) that was in service with the United States Air Force and became famous for bringing back the first returned prisoners of war in Operation Homecoming.
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