Jack Sorenson Wash and Wear Art Prints


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A young boy doing one of his favorite chores – giving the family dog a bath. I'm not sure who's getting the most out of the bath, but the dog's not looking too happy. Great piece of country artwork. This print measures 17 x 13 and is brand new – ready to be framed.
Though born in 1954, Jack Sorenson grew up living the Old West lifestyle that he now depicts in his work. Coming of age living and working at Six Gun City, a dude ranch and frontier town in the style of the Old West situated on the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon and owned by his father, Sorenson was deeply embedded with a love for the stories and imagery that characterized the Old West, and which continues to motivate him to this day. Whereas other teenagers spent their adolescence working in retail or fast food, Sorenson worked as a stagecoach driver, a performance gunfighter, and a horse trainer. A naturally gifted artist since childhood, Sorenson began painting full-time in 1974. After his first one-man show sold out that same year, Sorenson committed himself to a career in art and never looked back. The print will come without the watermark across the face, this is for online publishing copyrights only.