Golden Eagle Nesting Art Prints by Michelle Mara


SKU: 663808

One of America's greatest birds the Golden Eagle in her nest with 2 young babies waiting to be fed. An Eagle is not only a rapter, but a mother too. Hunting for food is definitely a big part of their life, especially with mouths to feed. This print measures 20 x 16 and is brand new – ready to be framed.
Pursuing nature art in the manner of a field biologist has always been Michelle Mara's method of working. She watched and drew animals as a small child, and by fourth grade was spending all of her free time in the woods near her home observing wildlife, writing descriptions of it, and drawing and painting each species. Her education included natural history subjects as well as art, and she majored in ornithology and wildlife ecology. Today, as an accomplished and dedicated young painter, Michelle works tirelessly to capture the perfection of wilderness and wildlife from the Rocky Mountains of northern Colorado to the arctic tundra of Alaska. The print will come without the watermark across the face, this is for online publishing copyrights only.