French Pear Drop Necklace


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A masterpiece in miniature

The world's largest diamonds may be visually stunning, but they aren't what one would call 'practical.' The 530-carat, pear-cut Star of Africa (a 1/4 lb of precious stone!) is estimated to be worth about $400,000,000. You don't break out that kind of bling for just any occasion.

Even Queen Elizabeth peeks at it through 2-inch shatterproof glass in the Tower of London. And she owns it! But thanks to our skilled designers, you can enjoy the look and sparkle of that spectacular stone whenever you desire.

The French Pear Drop Necklace features an impressive lab-created DiamondAura® (6-½ carats total weight) set in the finest .925 sterling silver. Above the pear-cut, two trillion-cut DiamondAura (3/4 ctw) are paired and set in sterling silver.

Our DiamondAura jewelry retains every jeweler's specification: impeccable color, clarity and cut. In purely scientific measurement terms, the light refractory index of DiamondAura is very high and the fire is actually superior to that of a diamond. These miniature masterpieces will definitely make an impression!