Diamondaura Ice White Halo Ring Size 7


SKU: W6647

There is power, magic, and mystique to the number 3...

From the use of the triangle to create the Great Pyramids, to the famous journey of the Three Wise Men, and those timeless literary heroes the Three Musketeers, the number 3 has held a special meaning for us throughout history. But of course it's never more meaningful than when someone utters those three most powerful words— "I love you."
Exclusively designed for Stauer, our DiamondAura® Tri Halo Ring tells that special someone exactly how you feel. But instead of stumbling over your words, you can let the three halos of DiamondAura do the talking for you. The center of the ring represents the loved one wearing it. It features a stunning 1 ½-carat, lab-grown DiamondAura, with a color dispersion that's actually superior to mined diamonds. Symbolically, the center is surrounded by three halos (representing your past, present, and future together) stacked with 57 white DiamondAura that clearly speak the powerful truth of your love.

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