Diamonds Created in a Lab Earrings Dearly Beloved 2 Carats


SKU: 20491

Renew your wows Marriage is not a wedding. Or a honeymoon. Or even a Golden Anniversary. Marriage is a journey that you take one day at a time. It’s a road with ups, downs and plenty of curves along the way. We don’t always know what lies ahead, but we have plenty of ways to keep things interesting.

Learn to tango. Head south for the weekend. Or just take her breath away with a tiny box. We’ve definitely designed the DiamondAura® Dearly Beloved Earrings with matrimony in mind.

These earings captures the rush of romance with a dramatic lab-created DiamondAura centerpiece and the ornate shoulders are set with smaller, brilliant rounds. Set in an exquisitely-detailed sterling silver band, the brilliant, 2-carat round-cut sparkles with even more fire and clarity than a "D" flawless natural diamond.