Dance Hall Girls Old West Art by Andy Thomas


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Dance Hall Girls were the chief attraction in many saloons…

and dance halls.  Wearing very short, brightly colored ruffled skirts, petticoats and dazzling boots they entertained the crowds and danced with many men.

Nightly and many afternoons, the girls would make themselves up. Dress their hair up and put on their dance outfits for another routine. Many of the men in the crowd were working cowboys who had cleaned up and ventured out for a good meal and fun entertainment. It is said that some of the girls made more money by dancing than some of the men earned while working the much rougher day of the cowboy.
Many of the girls were strictly line dancers and others also danced with the working cowboys who came to have a good time. These girls were the bread and butter of the owners who would often discourage men paying too much attention to just one girl. His greatest business loss was losing a dance girl to marriage.

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