Comanche Moon by Martin Grelle



Martin Grelle thrills his collectors with beautifully detailed and historically accurate paintings of the Native Americans. Comanche Moon has all the Grelle trademarks. As darkness engulfs the landscape, this party of Comanche braves makes their way through rugged terrain. Perhaps they are in enemy territory and must travel under the cover of the night sky.

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Ask a Question
  • Is there more to the story behind the Comanche Moon, or a longer backstory?

    Hello and thanks for your question!

    I did some research on the "Comanche Moon" and found this one answer to add to the story:

    The Autumnal full moon, known as the "Harvest Moon" or "Hunter's Moon" elsewhere, is still called a Comanche Moon in Texas because the Comanches were known to raid settlements then.

    I guess the full moon gave them light to do what they did in those days!

    Thanks, Marilyn