CA Classics 1873 Engraved Fast Draw Replica Revolver

Collectors Armoury

SKU: 22-1504

Introduced in 1873, no revolver has known greater fame than the 1873 Single Action Revolver. The short barrel made this gun easier to draw, making it popular with gunfighters in the Old West. This particular CA Classics model was cast to emulate the factory engraving available to discerning customers.

The CA Classics M1873 Engraved Fast Draw Revolver has historically accurate details, working action, and a stunning polished nickel finish with scroll-worked barrel, frame and cylinder. This CA Classics piece is one of the finest replicas in the world today. Length: 10.5" Barrel: 4.75" Weight: 2.2 lbs

Cannot Ship To:  NJ, NYC, RI

This replica Fast Draw Revolver is for display only, not for children to play with.