Bread and Butter Farms Art Prints by Charles Wysocki Artist

Hadley House

SKU: 3700155

Bread and Butter Farms by Charles Wysocki is group of well manicured farms with a lot of different animals and vegetables. A horse drawn wagon taking the good to town to sell.
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Ask a Question
  • When I bought this print I was told it is a limited edition. How can I find out how many were made and what number mine is. It is framed and sealed on the back and there is a gold seal from Country Crafts, 6 Ruth Dr., Wilbraham, MA? What is its value? Bread and Butter Art Farms with Wysocki signature in lower left corner.

    Hello and thanks for your question!  I need to know if there are any numbers around the signature on the lower left corner, such
    as 20/100 as an example?  If not this is not a limited edition and you would have received an Certificate of Authenticity when you
    purchased it.  If you can find the Certificate, it will tell the limited edition number and when it was issued.  Also are there any
    dates on the canvas?

    If you can let me know those answers, I might be able to give you a value.

    Thank you,