After the Poker Game the Boys Settled Up by Andy Thomas



sports-minded patrons at Jim’s Place were treated to good entertainment when the poker game at table two ended with some lively action.
It seems a new character, an old trapper, disagreed with the style of play the Welshman employed; it being in some circles considered to be less than honorable. Breaker, the cowboy, spoke up, and added clarification about his opinion on the Welsh in general.

Another fellow, thinking he might have a bit of Welsh in him and sure he lost more than a bit of coin to Breaker, voiced his support of the fine land of Wales.

All the folks at the table held various opinions about these matters and others. I myself took no position in all of this, preferring to ponder the various views and enjoy my beer... which, by the way, I nearly lost to a flying Welshman.

Our good Marshal allowed the debate to play out and then insisted a few of them enjoy our city’s accommodations for the night.