Wildlife Framed Art

Bears, Wolves, Eagles, Elk, Moose and more!

All our wildlife pictures are shown here all in artwork, whether it be paper or canvas prints.  Our framed prints range in size and price.  So find your favorite wildlife creature and make it your own!

All prints are Giclees and the giclee printing technique produces vibrant colors and a high quality glossy finish. Giclee is a French term meaning "spraying of ink".

Gallery Wrapped Grizzly Bear

If a piece of artwork is showing that it is "gallery wrapped", then the image is on canvas material and then wrapped around wooden stretcher boards with the same look as an original painting.

Each piece of framed artwork is hand produced, so the time frame until shipment is generally 7 to 10 working/business days.

Above the Rest Anhinga Animal Eye Animals Antique Gould I Hummingbird Antique Gould II Hummingbird Antique Gould IV Hummingbird Art Gallery Artwork Audubons Brown Pelican Audubons Louisiana Heron Audubons Reddish Egret Baby Pig Barred Owl III Barred Owlet Barred Owls Bear Bear Art Bear Cub Bear Cubs Bear Family Bear Family Art Bear with Blackbird Bears Behind a Snow Bank Bird Bird and Branch in Indigo Bird and Branch in Indigo II Bird Art Bird Nest Bird Portrait I Bird Portrait II Birds Bison Bison Art Black Bear Black Capped Chickadee I Black Capped Chickadee II Blackbird Blackbird Art Blue Blue Bird Blue Headed Tanager Blue Sky Jersey Bluebird Boulders Bright Wings I Bright Wings II Bright Wings III Brothers Brown Pelican Brown Pelicans Bruno Bear Buck Buck Art Buffalo Buffalo Art Buffalo on White Buffalo Whiskey Bugling Elk Call of the Buffalo Call of the Eagle Calm Elk I Calm Elk II Calves Calves Art Canvas Canvas Art Print Canvas Prints Cat Bird Catesby Sea Bird Cattails Cattle Cattle Art Cattle Egrets Cedar Waxwing Challenge of the Winds Cheetah Cheetah Art Chickadee Chickadee 143 Chicken Colorful Cow Coming In for a Landing Coming in for Landing Common Cardinal Grosbeak Copper and Nickel Cormorant Nest Country Drive Cows II Country Drive Cows III Cow Cow Art Cowboy Cowboy's Friend Cows Cows Cow Art Crane Creek Crown Prince Cub Cub Art Curious Cow I Curious Cow II Curious Grizzly Custom Earthtone Feathers I Custom Earthtone Feathers II Custom Framed Custom Hi Fi Wildlife I Custom Hi Fi Wildlife II Custom Hi Fi Wildlife III Custom Single Elk Custom Single Moose Custom Watercolor Crested Crane Custom Watercolor Flamingo Custom Watercolor Parrot Custom Watercolor Toucan Dark Waters Deceptive Calm Deer Deer Art Deer Herd Deer Herd I Delicate Birds II Delicate Birds III Custom Framed Delicate Birds VI Discounts Dog Dog Art Downy Woodpecker Dynamic Equestrian I Dynamic Equestrian II Eagle Eagle Art Eastern Towhee Female Ebony Eggs Elegance Elephant Elephant Art Elk Elk Art Elk Herd Elk v.2 Embellished Paper Print Equestrian Studies V Equestrian Studies VI Eye Fall Romance Farm Animals Farm Club I Farm Club II Farm Nostalgia III Farm Nostalgia IV Farm Nostalgia V Farm Nostalgia VI Female Ruby Throated Hummingbird Fine Art First Touch Fish Fish Art Float Frame Fluffy Cub Forest King Fox Fox Art Fox Joy I Foxes Framed Framed Canvas Framed Paper Fre Free Collectors Club Free Range Free Shipping French Birds I French Birds II Galler Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print Gallery4Collectors Gallery4CollectorsC Garden Gathering of Birds I Gathering of Birds II Gentle Waters Giclee Giclee Canvas Giclee Canvas Art Print Giclee Paper Giclee Paper Art Print Giraffe Giraffe Art Gold Feathers III Gold Feathers IV Gold Finch Goldfinch Gray Crowned Purple Finch Great Blue Heron Great Egret Great Egret Family Green Heron Green Heron II Green Violet Ear Hummingbird Grizzly Grizzly Bear Gull Happy Moose I Happy Moose II Heron High Adventure Home Decor Hooded Merganser Horse Horse Art Horse Eye Horses Horses Art Huge Rocks Hummingbird Hummingbird with Dew Drop Hunt In Shallow Waters I Hunt In Shallow Waters II Hunting in Snow In the Forest In the Mist Indigo Bunting II Innocent Intense Cub Into The Wild I Into The Wild II Into The Wind Ivory Jackrabbit Jackrabbit Art Jackrabbit Morning Jasmine Jersey in Oregon Journey Bear II Journey to the Wintering Grounds Kids Playing Kingfisher II Lazy Afternoon Leopard Leopard Art Lets Go for a Ride I Limpkin Lion Lion Art Living Room Artwork Lodge Art Lodge Signs V Longing for You I Longing for You II Looking At You Looking for the Owlet Made in the USA Majestic Wildlife III Mangy Moose Meadow Bear Meadow Bull Modern Modern Art Moon Moose Moose Art Moose Crossing Morning at Honey Creek Morning Flight Morning Swim I Morning Swim II Morning Swim III Mountain Gem Female Mountain Gem Male My Place or Yours II Nesting Robins Northern Journey I Northern Journey II Ocean Office Decor On Guard Online Gallery Organic Owl Owl Art Owlet Paint the Town Painted Bunting Paper Art Print Paper Print Paper Prints Peaceful Bison I Peaceful Bison II Pearl Peeking Through the Shrubs Pelican Perch I Perch II Perch III Picture Pig Pig Art Polarbear Polarbear Art Posing for Mom Poster Racoon Racoon Art Racoon In Tree Ready for a Nap Resting Bird I Resting Bird II Robin Rocky Rooster Rooster Art Rooster's Crow I Rooster's Crow II Roosters Crow I Roosters Crow II Roseate Spoonbill Rustic Gould I Rustic Gould II Rustic Gould III Rustic Gould IV Safari Cat I Safari Cat II Safari Cat III Safari Portrait I Safari Portrait II Safari Portrait III Safari Portrait IV Sandhill Crane Scrub Jay Sepia and Spa Heron I Sepia and Spa Heron IV September Rambling Serendipity Shadow Light Snake bird Snow Snow Art Snow Bank Snow Run II Snowy Egret Something Brewin Sparrow Spring Fling I Spring Fling II Stag Stag Art Stag v.2 Stallion Stallion Art Stallion in the Garden Stay with Momma Stingray Stingray Art Stone Cold Stare Stowaway III Stowaway IV Suitcase Summer Red Bird Sweet Hummingbird I Sweet Hummingbird II Sweet Pea Tenderness I Texas Bison The 9 Am Siesta The Gossips The Guardian The Last Run The Leader Gold The Sparrow Three Amigos Three Amigos I Three Amigos II Three Grey Wolves on Wood Tiger Tiger Art Trees Tropical Fish Truck Two Cubs Vintage Bird Study C Vintage Bird Study D Vintage Bird Study H Wall Art Water Turkey Waterbirds Waterbirds and Cattails I Waterbirds and Cattails II Watercolor Cow I Watercolor Cow II Watercolor Equine Study I Watercolor Equine Study II Watercolor Tropical Fish I Watercolor Tropical Fish II Watercolor Tropical Fish III Watercolor Tropical Fish IV Waxwing Where's Waldo Whiskey White Horses White Pelicans Wildflowers Wildlife Wind Blown Mane I Wind Blown Mane II Wind Blown Mane III Wind Blown Mane IV Winter Winter Art Winter Calves Winter Landscape Wishing on Stars Wolf Wolf Art Wolf Pack Wolves Woodland Stream Young Bears Young Buck Young Great Horned Owl Zebra Zebra Art Zebra II  Elephant Art  Elk  Horse Art  Paper Print  Pig