Medicine Hat Wild Filly 1 by Liz Chappie-Zoller


SKU: LCZ555-2020-C-SN200

A Medicine Hat paint horse is a color pattern identified by the colored patch covering a horse’s ears and the top of its head. Derived from Native American legend, the most coveted Medicine Hat horses have pink muzzles and blue eyes. These horses were prized for their magical abilities, including protecting their riders from injury or death in battle and warning them of danger.

Red: Strength, Energy, Power, Success, Happiness
Turquoise: Blue (Wisdom, Confidence) + Green (Endurance, Harmony, Healing)
Yellow: Intelligence
Eye Circle: Clear and Improved Vision
Graffiti: Benched (collected) from the trains passing through the remote Missouri River valley of my south-central Montana home.

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