Joel Pilcher - Artist Art Prints "Wild horses running"

Joel Pilcher - Artist

Joel Pilcher was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains and has always had a passion for the outdoors and the wildlife that resides there. As a kid, when someone asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, his answer was always a wildlife artist.

As Joel's career in marketing and design progressed, he always wondered if there was still a possibility that he could be successful as a fine artist. In early 2017, Joel decided to give it a go—and it was the best career decision he's ever made.

Joel loves the look and feel of black and white. For over a year he worked almost strictly in white charcoal on black art board, but in early 2019 he decided to expand his horizons and pick up a paint brush. He now wishes he hadn’t waited so long because it was love at first brush stroke. He continues to paint but often returns to charcoal and has recently developed a new technique he loves where he uses charcoal on pre-primed and stretched canvas. Joel has always considered art to be an adventure and he's constantly pushing his limits and working to try new things and improve.

Joel loves creating art and really enjoys seeing the pleasure others experience in viewing his artwork. He has so many ideas and projects he wants to develop and hopes to be creating for a very long time.