Golden Glory by Nancy Glazier



This is the first time I have painted the Palomino horse, but it will not be the last! What a joyful experience this painting has given me! My hope is that this energy will flow outward from my easel...that this joy will be passed on. I enjoyed every moment of the creative process with GOLDEN GLORY - from the research through sketching and composing, then creating the most supportive background almost out of thin air as it were. However, the most exciting experience for me as an artist was coming up with just the right quality of light, which actually took the most time and focus.
I did a fair amount of research on the Palomino breed and found out how tricky it can be to end up with that highly desirable gold and silver coloration, and how many variations are possible! When a new foal is born, what you see may or may not be what you get, for a Palomino foal is subject to changes in coat color as it matures. Will this foal turn golden like its mother, the central horse? Or will it become more silvery like the filly on the left? Or perhaps, it will stay dark and velvety. I have the impression that this comfortable looking golden mare has produced many fine foals - that she is a gold-maker. She is the GOLDEN GLORY...a valuable asset...a treasure, gift to mankind. - Nancy Glazier