Gordon Snidow Artist "Cowboys on horseback"

Gordon Snidow Artist Gordon Snidow has been known as the foremost chronicler of the contemporary cowboy for over forty years. He is a leader in the development of the American Western Art Movement, and is one of America's out-standing fine artists.

"The West, like all places, is a continuum of space and time; it is as alive and vibrant in today's guise - and as Snidow paints it - as it was when George Catlin, Charles M. Russell, Frederic Remington and their successors through the years painted it.
He is a historian who records his time in pictures rather than words, and as Russell and other in-their-time "contemporary" chroniclers of the West are seen today as painters of the "Historic West," so Snidow will be seen in the future."

Snidow is the creator of the famous "COORS COWBOY COLLECTORS SERIES." His work has received international critical acclaim with shows in France, China, Taiwan, Russia, England, Germany and Canada. He has been the subject of three books and a British documentary film.