Charles Wysocki Artist Art Prints "Warm and cozy"

Charles Wysocki Artist

CHARLES WYSOCKI (1928-2002) was born in Detroit MI. He always wanted to be an artist. He was drafted in 1950 and after his two-year obligation in the Army, he decided to trade in his rifle for a paintbrush. So Charles attended Art Center in Los Angeles (it is now in Pasadena) on the G.I. Bill. After completing his studies, and majoring in design and advertising illustration, Charles joined the staff of freelance artists at McNamara Brothers in Detroit.

Moving to the West Coast, Charles formed an advertising agency with three other artists called Group West. His clients included General Tire, Unocal, Carnation, Chrysler, United California Bank, Otis Elevator Company and Dow Chemical.

Then he met his wife to be, and she unleashed the primitive artist that was buried within him. Elizabeth's family was one of the first to settle in the San Fernando Valley and Charles was enamored by the simplicity of this farm life and its wholesome values. This was a major turning point for him...and it was the beginning of Charles, the primitive artist.

After Charles did a one-man show at which he sold every painting in this style, he decided to leave commercial art for good and focus on his Americana art. For most of the 1960's, he made a good living off of the original paintings he sold. In 1972, Charles started his relationship with AMCAL. Together they published the first Americana Calendar.  He also traveled around the country and made personal appearances at galleries all over the United States.

Charles won many awards for his work including one he is most proud of, receiving the medal of honor from the National Society Daughter's of the American Revolution, the society's highest national honor. Charles published two books during this time. He was also invited to the White House Independence Day celebration in 1981 (for which he did a painting that supposedly still hangs there).