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Gallery Shops - Marilyn Louise Collections - Rings

Mirrored Hearts Ring [JGood1975]

Tropical Enamel Hearts Ring [JGood1973]

Palisades Classic Clear Ring [JGood1974]

Sorbet Enamel Hearts Ring [JGood1972]

Sapphire Blue Regal Ring [JGood1970]

Love Is Pink Enamel Ring [JGood1971]

Ruby Red Regal Ring [JGood1969]

Cinderella Ring [JGood1968]

Crystalline Sculpture Cocktail Ring [JGood1967]

Linked Cubic Zirconia Hearts Ring [JGood1966]

Ribbon Ring [JGood1964]

Pave Amethyst Purple Orbit Ring [JGood1965]

Black Onyx Egg Ring [JGood1962]

Cubic Zirconia Clover Ring [JGood1963]

Pave Elephant Ring [JGood1961]

Rose Heart Ring [JGood1960]

Purple Link Enamel Stacker Ring [JGood1958]

Yellow Link Enamel Stacker Ring [JGood1959]

Fuchsia Link Enamel Stacker Ring [JGood1957]

Yellow Enamel Stacker Ring [JGood1956]

Purple Enamel Cubic Zirconia Ring [JGood1954]

Calm Enamels Ring [JGood1955]

Green Apple Dolphin Enamel Ring [JGood1952]

Laced Enamel Eternity Band [JGood1953]

Black Ripple Ring [JGood1951]

Garnet Enamel Ripple Ring [JGood1949]

Navy Blue Enamel Ripple Ring [JGood1950]

Jet Black Striped Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1948]

White Eternity Enamel Ring [JGood1947]

Gray Eternity Enamel Ring [JGood1945]

Aqua Eternity Enamel Ring [JGood1946]

Clear Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring [JGood1944]

Pink Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring [JGood1942]

Yellow Cubic Zirconia Eternity Ring [JGood1943]

Light Green Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1940]

Yellow Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1941]

Olive Green Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1939]

Aqua Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1937]

Green Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1938]

Lavender Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1936]

Fuchsia Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1934]

Purple Enamel Eternity Ring [JGood1935]

The Enclave Ring [JGood1933]

Contempo Pave Ring [JGood1931]

Round Cubic Zirconia Cluster Ring [JGood1932]

Champagne Brilliance Ring [JGood1930]

Yellow Cubic Zirconia Cocktail Ring [JGood1928]

Yellow Cubic Zirconia Fashion Ring [JGood1929]

Filigree Bridal Ring [JGood1927]

Pink Heart Cubic Zirconia Ring Set [JGood1925]
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