Mark Silversmith was born on the Navajo Reservation and raised among the red mesas of northern New Mexico.   As a result of his upbringing, Mark was influenced by the beauty of the Southwest from an early age.  Raised by his grandparents, Mark was taught traditional Navajo values and developed a deep respect for nature. This respect for life is evident in many of Mark's paintings. Mark paints many Southwestern scenes that depict the every day of the Navajo, but
he does not limit himself to creating Navajo themes.  Mark studied at Southwestern Oklahoma State University where he earned a B.A. degree in Fine Art. While in college, Mark gained influence from the Plains Indians.   As a result of this experience, Mark has gained an in-depth perspective into the cultures of other American Indians.  It is Mark's personal belief that all Indian people have a common bond, and the cultures of many Indian tribes are immortalized
through his paintings. Mark uses various subjects matter in his work.   He recreates Southwestern landscapes, teepees and hunt scenes, pueblos, portraits of people from all tribes and many types of wild animals focusing on buffalo and eagles.  Mark Silversmith is a young artist who is rapidly gaining hard-earned recognition for his unique talent. He primarily works
in watercolor but he occasionally does a pastel or an acrylic painting just to keep in touch with other media.  Mark Silversmith is a name that is becoming recognized in the world of Native American Art and he strives to constantly improve his work so that his art can be enjoyed by his collectors and admirers for many years to come.

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High Mountain Cascade southwestern native american indian pictures and art prints by Mark Silversmith
High Mountain Cascade

Canyon Monarch