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John Seery Lester Wildlife artist
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John Seerey-Lester

Nature dominates the canvases of John Seerey-Lester. Because he prefers to paint only those subjects which he has seen firsthand, he travels the world extensively to study wildlife in its natural habitat. It is this essential research that gives Seerey-Lester's work the atmosphere and authenticity that set his paintings apart and make them so eloquently vital.

A resident of Florida's West Coast, Seerey-Lester was born in Manchester, England, and studied art at Salford Technical College in Lancashire, England. He worked in the fields of advertising and publishing before becoming a professional artist, and in 1980, after his first trip to East Africa, Seerey-Lester found his passion for wildlife. It was then that he decided to paint images of the natural world, and two years later, he moved to the United States. His reputation and popularity on this continent soared as collectors and critics alike recognized his outstanding artistic talent.

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Out of the Mist


Along the Ice Floe - Polar Bears

Artic Procession Willow Ptarmigan
With Caribou

Artic Wolf Pups

Autumn Thunder - Muskoxen

Bathing Blue Jay

Before the Freeze - Beavers



Breaking Cover - Black Bear

Celebrating Hua Mei

Child of the Outback

Cliff Hanger - Bobcat

Coastal Clique - Harbor Seals

Cottonwood Gold - Baltimore Oriole

Dawn on the Marsh - Coyote

Daybreak - Moose

Denali Encounter
Grizzly Cub & Raven

Early Arrival - Snow Buntings

Early Windfall - Gray Squirrels

Evening Duet - Snowy Egrets

Evening Encounter - Grizzly and Wolf

Evening Meadow
American Goldfinch

Final Moments - Night Vision

Finding the Way-Turtle Hatchlings

First Tracts - Cougar

Freedom II

Full Moon Rising - Leopard

Hiding Place - Saw Whet Owl

High Country Champion - Grizzly

High Refuge - Red Squirrel

Ice Companions - Harp Seal Pups

In Deep - Black Bear Cub

In Their Presence

Keeping Pace - Grizzly with Cubs

Kenyan Family - Cheetahs

Lakeside Family - Canada Geese


Low Tide - Bald Eagles

Lying in Wait - Arctic Fox

Marsh Lions - A New Generation

Moonlight Chase - Cougar

Morning Forage - Ground Squirrel

Murder in the Morning

Night Specter

Northwoods Family - Moose

Out of the Darkness

Out on a Limb - Young Barred Owl

Phantoms of the Tundra

Plains Hunter 

Polar Lookout

Rain Watch
Belted Kingfisher

Rajbagh Run - Tiger

Ranthambore Rush

Red Fox Kit Study

Regal Majesty

Savanna Siesta

Seeking Attention

Sisters - Arctic Wolves

Sneak Peek

Snowy Excursion - Red Squirrel

Snowy Watch

Softy, Softy - White Tiger

Something Stirred - Bengal Tiger

Southern Belles

Spanish Mist - Young Barred Owl

Spout Litho

Spring Flurry

Sundown Alert - Bobcat

Sundown Reflections

The Beachcombers - Wolves

The Chase - Snow Leopard

The Courtship

The Plunge - Northern Sea Lions

The Rains - Tiger

The Young Explorer
Red Fox Kit

Togetherness - Lions

Treading Thin Ice - Chipmunk


Tundra Family - Arctic Wolves

Winter Grazing - Bison

Winter Hiding - Cottontail

Winter Spirit - Gray Wolf

Wolong Whiteout - Panda

Young Predator - Leopard Cub

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Seerey-Lester has been honored with many awards. A one-man sell-out show in Great Britain, opened by renowned ornithologist and artist Sir Peter Scott, was held on behalf of the World Wildlife Fund. Seerey-Lester was also commended by His Royal Highness The Prince Philip for his wildlife conservation efforts. He has been selected to exhibit in the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum’s prestigious “Birds in Art” and “Wildlife: An Artist’s View” shows each year since 1983. Seerey-Lester was honored as Ducks Unlimited Canada's artist for their 50th Anniversary stamp and print program in 1988. The popular book of his art entitled, Face to Face with Nature: The Art of John Seerey-Lester, published by Mill Pond Press in 1991, sold out in 1995.

Seerey-Lester devotes much time and attention to the preservation of wilderness and wildlife. Many of his paintings and limited edition prints have aided nonprofit conservation organizations. Artists who attend his workshops value the opportunity to work beside him in the field. He is an artist held in high regard, not only by his collectors, but by his peers as well.