Denis Mayer Jr.

Wildlife Art

Life and art are almost inseparable for Denis Mayer. His love for art began at a very early age and he cannot remember a time when he did not draw. He was obsessed with was almost equal to breathing for this creative child. Mayer grew up in a close-knit family and was mentored by his father, who owned a large, successful, commercial sign business. 

Even at a young age, Mayer found attending school a frustrating experience with all of his creative energy. Drawing was a very satisfying outlet for a young boy whose artistic talent knew no bounds. It became part of his curriculum for his teachers to allow him to draw on a blackboard when class work became unbearable. This led to various art projects, and among them one for historical drawings on the school hallway walls. The more involved Mayer became with his art, the less interested he was in school. At the age of 14, Mayer's father allowed him to leave school and work in the family business painting signs and lettering trucks. Eventually, he realized that the commercial sign business was not fulfilling his passion for art. About this time, Mayer created his first painting of a blue jay. At this time, his father also discussed his future with him, declaring if really wanted to draw, he was going to draw!

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Sly Wanderer
Sly Wanderer
Denis Mayer Jr. Master of the North
Master of the North

Patience is Rewarding
MOOSE art Dominating Presence Denis Mayer Jr.
Dominating Presence
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Mayer's father recognized his son's artistic talent and interest in various art forms. With the help of his father, the young artist pursued another medium, architectural renderings. It was then that Mayer discovered the art of Pierre Paul Martineau, who was his inspiration to pursue this particular form of art. Mayer developed a unique style that was all about the warmth of the rendering. He achieved this with a porch lit by a lantern, a sunset breaking through the leaves on a tree or a back-lit effect. These special touches and others became trademarks of his sought-after architectural renderings.

In 1998, Mayer left home to embark on his own life and to pursue his dream of a career in art. He soon met his future wife, Ritchell, and they were married that same year. This seemed to be the perfect time to take a leap of faith and start his own business of architectural renderings along with advertising art. For eight years, Mayer enjoyed success in his chosen career. In 2006, he became a full-time fine artist, concentrating on wildlife, having a life-long interest in nature and its many creatures. Although a risk at the time, it wasn't long before the young artist was approached by a sponsor who had purchased one of Mayer's original paintings. This led to his work being published across North America and helping him to begin to fulfill his dream of international recognition of his art.

Mayer's father was a guiding influence for the young artist and his siblings. Their father encouraged each to believe in themselves and to follow their passion, but also to develop their character and become responsible citizens. It was important to make wise choices for their futures, to excel in their chosen careers. Mayer's father gave him the confidence to follow his own, unique path through life. Now, as a father of three, Mayer tries to instill these same values in his children to give them the ability to believe in themselves, to become all they can be.

As a dedicated conservationist, Mayer paints many animals that are close to his heart. He is a member of the Artists for Conservation and has contributed to the World Wildlife Federation and the Quebec Wildlife Federation. In 2007 - 2009, Mayer was selected for the Art Portfolio through Ducks Unlimited.

Mayer's paintings contain a warmth that comes from his passion for his subjects. As he applies color to his blank canvases, he says the painting's soul begins to emerge. His own satisfaction and feelings of success come from being able to follow his vision. A true accomplishment in life is being able to work at something you love. Along with his art, Mayer is passionate about Italian opera and plays it while creating his amazing paintings.

Today, Denis Mayer is exactly where he wants to be.....painting with his heart.